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Sensor for Low Pressure Replacement - Increased Emissions Problem

I've not seen any pics or write up's on this anywhere so I figured I'd post up what I have learned and my pictures to help the next person who has this problem out...

First of all, I have another thread where we discussed the codes my car was throwing and possible problems/fixes. You can see that at this link if you'd like to read the detailed back story...

Problem: I got a check engine light and my I-Drive reported 'Increased Emissions'.

279D - Power management, closed-circuit current violation
2722 - Fuel-pressure sensor, signal
27D0 - Fuel pressure control adaptation
27BB - Fuel system, lambda/charge plausibility, bank 2
27C1 - Info: Tank empty on fault entry

After clearing the codes and having the fault come back, this was the only code that came back...
P0175 x2 - System too rich (Bank 2)

My Solution: Replacing the Sensor for Low Pressure

Part: Part #20 in the link below...

Cost: $80-$140 Depending on where you get your part...

1) Open the gas tank to relieve pressure so that gas does not spill out too excessively.
2) Remove the air box (I'll try to find a link to this procedure somewhere, or will remove mine again and take more pictures of that part)
3) Unplug old sensor
4) Remove old sensor
5) Install new sensor. Be very careful not to over tighten. The portion that you wrench on is very large and will allow you to apply a great deal of pressure to the small threads. There is a ruber gasket on the new part so you don't want to shread that either. I'm unsure of the torque specs on this so maybe we can look it up...
6) Plug in new sensor
7) Re install air box and filter
8) Clear your codes
9) Crank car and carefully check for leaks

Here's the pics that I have. I circle the sensor in the picture from far away. It is on the drivers side just in front of the shock tower.

Thanks a TON to Elm3 for all the help with this. It was a new one for both of us but a fun experience...

Enjoy a cold beverage.
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