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Originally Posted by taibanl View Post
So I am prepping my car for the installation of my HD series and i crimped on this Right angle RCA twisted pair

I measured DCV @ 55/55 on OEM HU and I got 27mV on left and 2.7mV on right. I was not able to measure ACV as the meter I have only has a 200 and a 750v range for ACV

Possible I have a bad connection before I go dropping these amps in?

Also, the 2.8v INPUT of the MS-8, is that ACV or DCV?
Ok. so its 2.8vAC RMS.

I got a better 1khz test tone and got 4.3vAC at the end of the RCA
s (L/R) @55/55, at 53/55 I was able to get 2.8-2/9vAC

I still am curious as to why I was able to get a vDC reading that was 27mV on the left and 2.7mV on the right...wierd.

Another weird thing. NONE of the speakers in my car are connected to anything (amps and ms-8 currently out). Yet...when playing the 1kHZ test tone I could clearly hear it from somewhere in my car (it was intermittent). It was just a bit louder than say a hearing booth test but definitely there. Is it possible that playing a 0dB tone, the voltage is high enough to induce a signal into the speaker lines behind the HU (technic harness)?