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Originally Posted by armyav8tor View Post
Why is this post even in the M3 forums? Go post it in a Toyota forum, or if you want people to really laugh at you, post it in the Porsche forums. As others have stated, passing cars at HPDEs is more indicative of driving skill than car performance. I'm willing to bet that you'll get embarrassed by Miatas at the track if you don't even understand that point. Forum racing is dumb, take your car out to the track and find out for yourself how capable the car is and more importantly, how capable you are.
+1. To clarify for OP, "M3 vs" is for M3's versus other cars. And no, a stock miata would not pass av8tor seeing as how he has done ~2:15 at VIR. I think the "fanboys" are the guys driving automatics with fake quad pipes.