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Don't be so butt hurt. Go enjoy your Toyota instead of wasting your time trying to impress M3 drivers. You just wasted how many days writing this response? I can find much better use of my time. lol. Oh and I didn't bother reading it....hahahhaaha

Originally Posted by davcrz5 View Post
WOW so angry I find this sooo funny you need to be careful or this could happen to you is it true that your secret is that your angry all the time you know like in new Avengers movie ? hey army were just discussing cars here not life or death but once again the Fanboy jumps in, feeling some how that his honor has been slighted in some manner and they must come to defense of his beloved vehicle buy half truths, put down and other assorted insults, if i missed anything let me know guys. I believe most M3 owner are car enthusiast other wise they wouldn't own one and for the most part they can appreciate what other cars bring to table but you always have few Fanboys that are closed minded and they are typical loudest and most opinionated ones. I have friends that own all kinds of cars including M3's so I posted this open so they can see what other cars are currently capable of doing in hands of skilled pilot.

At no point did I or OP say ISF was faster, prettier, cooler, better in anyway than his own GT3 he even points out time difference between his GT3 and his friends GT2 how they were both faster then ISF, what he did say was he was surprised how well it did once he changed tires.

And what I said was any car that is within 04. of lead cars is vehicle that can hang with pack not beat or pass GT3 on track. I have know illusion of grandeur and think stock ISF could in any way outperforme GT3 on the track its to heavy and not designed like Porsche which is track car set up for the street vs ISF that's street car that can be driven on track. The OP stated his time in GT3 was 2:00 and that in ISF it was 2:04 +/- :02 due to poor wet weather condition which mostly likely slowed his times down while tracking his GT3, but considering these two cars are in two totally different class, price point, weight with GT3 at 3100lbs to 3800lbs ISF I say not bad for 4 door sport sedan that weights 700lbs more.

This should be fun lets break down some of your statements

Army you asked Why is this even posted M3 forums isn't this M3 VS??? were people post up race story's, compare cares,post videos, talk about other brands why right now they have threads discussing 991, 911 turbos, GTR, ZO6s, GT500 and GT,FRS isn't that Toyota, G37, C63 do I need to go on.

Let look at this statement so mad ([b]I'm willing to bet that you'll get embarrassed by Miatas at the track if you don't even understand that point) becareful you could blow gasket and this could happen You are positively, absolutely, 100% correct a great driver in MX5 would kick my ass on the track and yours as well that is unless your pro driver or experienced driving instructor I have seen many miata beat up on C63,M3,ISF,997,etc, so I actually agree with you on this one go figure.

This is good one (Forum racing is dumb, take your car out to the track and find out for yourself how capable the car is and more importantly, how capable you are.) That was not nice you hurt my feelings but this is amazing you are right Forum racing is dumb and that exactly what your doing making assumption about me based on what because I posted thread showing what different car brand was doing at the track. Say it is so just shoot me now

Well let me go before this begins I should have warn my Nomex racing suit damn it, let the flaming begin this going to hurt

Oh and by the way I have tracked my ISF at two tracks so far you may have heard of them Limerock and NJMP

Holy Crap are those Miata in front me what am I going to do
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Miata's in front of me Miata's in back of me yea do I drive through valley of death I shall fear no Miata for I have 416hp and 387tq and will kill them in
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Thats me waiting for my turn on track, look the fear on my face
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Damn it ! got caught in break ducts again I hate when that happens

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