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Originally Posted by BayMoWe335
Originally Posted by EvosM3 View Post
I've lost so much money with AAPL. I'm trying my hardest with AAPL and SPY puts to lower my losses but no avail. Any ideas as to what will happen next week? More bloodshed?
I'm long AAPL too...just stay patient and buy more if you have the stomach.

I agree they need some hype to boost excitement again (although their last earnings report says the stock needs no hype), but they are trading at 7 times forward earnings minus cash.

It's frustrating to see the best tech company in the world struggle and trade so cheaply, especially after the monster quarter. They had a perfect quarter, have zero debt, $100+ billion in cash and companies like FB are valued at $100b with $3.7b in sales? It's a joke, but makes me feel people are doubting AAPL's ability to keep momentum with such large numbers. This may be true, but I believe AAPL has another leg up before it starts to decline for good. If nothing else, the iPhone 5 will be a can buy AAPL on that alone.
I honestly believe right now that Apple is only falling because it's just the seasonal tendency for almost everything to fall. Also, last time I checked 71% of the owners of Apple stock are all large investment firms. The way these guys trade is one foot out the door and one foot in, meaning if they have any doubt they'll dump a vast majority of there stock. Lastly, because large institutions mostly own apple, a lot of larger institutions are shifting there money into things like FB now. Last quarter Apple was there star child now im guessing FB will be this quarters.
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