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Originally Posted by xfirer1guy View Post
The rate of depreciation was never in question, had a dog in this fight, or was mentioned...far from it actually. The point is that a car is an investment irregardless of how you slice it. You invest in something in return for a gain of some sort. What that gain is is different for each person. Maybe it gets you to work every day, maybe is gets your groceries, maybe it gets you laid, or it allows you to join a local club and meet friends. Or possibly your a car nut and it just satisifies your craving!

Name me one thing you purchase that DOESNT benefit/satisfy your wants/needs in some way.

And yes I'm about to change oil for sake of knowing!
Hey listen, to me it's still a depreciating asset - but you can look at it anyway it suits you.

There is a very simple way to touch/smell the oil - just unscrew the fill cap on the valve cover (passenger side of the engine), then dip your fingers inside. Just make sure it's not hot you know...


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