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1/4mi Drag Racing - Stock 2011 E90 M3 M-DCT vs. Stock 2009 R35 GT-R

Attended the Street Legals Drag Racing at Mission Raceway Park (NHRA Division 6) on May 19th 2012. Gotten 5 runs in but had to share this video first. My brother-in-law came with his stock 2009 Nissan R35 GT-R and we managed to request a heads-up race against each other, with me and my stock (except for 275/35R19 DWS tires, which are all-seasons so might even be a disadvantage for me) 2011 BMW E90 M3 Sedan M-DCT.

It's a bring-your-own-street-car-for-timeslips event so the Reaction Time has no bearing on your final E/T.

Track temperature was about 15C (kinda warm night for this time of year). Altitude is near sea-level (the track is about 80km from the Pacific Ocean and right on a river bank).

His car weighed in at 4060lb with him inside and 1/2 tank of fuel. Mine was 3785lb with myself inside and 1/4 tank fo fuel.


Left: R35 GT-R vs. Right: E90 M3 M-DCT
R/T: 1.588s vs. 0.841s
60ft: 2.001s vs. 2.174s
330: 5.277s vs. 5.720s
1/8mi: 7.999s @ 90.07mph vs. 8.581s @ 86.52mph
1000: 10.374s vs. 11.015s
1/4mi: 12.404s @ 111.08mph vs. 13.067s @ 110.22mph
Right 1st 0.0842s

Even though he (obviously, and should have) beat me on the timeslip, I got him on the heads' up, because... as you can hear, he engaged R-Mode Start but didn't stage correctly. So, he aborted but then the race started, so he reeled me in but ran out of track. My run was done in MDM and D5, so I just watched the tree and wood-ed the throttle on the green.

The slip said I won, though, so a win is a win? Not my problem that he had to spend so much time to activate computer-assisted launches anyways

Another thing I noticed, was that he was consistently trapping in the 12.5s range (sooooo jealous of his 60ft. times) but wasn't trapping much more than 110mph. The fastest he got was 114mph I think. I thought R35 GT-Rs, even the 1st-ever gen, was capable of more than that?

I was consistently in the 13.1s -> 13.0s and trapping 109 -> 110mph tonight with my all-seasons, so although the track might be slow I don't think it's THAT slow....