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Originally Posted by DJP View Post
As I now longer have the M3, and these will definitely NOT fit my M6, I will be selling my set of OEM 18" 260M wheels, with as new Vredestein Wintrac Extreme tyres, both wheels & tyres have only been on the car for a month or so and a couple hundred miles at most.

I wasn't planning to start selling them in ernest until Sept/Oct time, at which time one's thoughts naturally turn to utter uselessness of PS2's (never mind cups!) in the cold wet slush that is bound to descend on us, but perhaps someone here wants to get an early march on winter preparations.. If so let me know & I can give more info.

I know I won't go through another winter with out a proper winter setup..
I purchased these wheels back in November 2010 and they are now back up for sale as I am selling the m3.

The tyres have 6-7mm tread (confirmed by recent MOT) and the wheels are mint. Now on ebay

Sold sold sold again!!!
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