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This is the set up that we did for Leemik

Originally Posted by leemik View Post
Ordered them back in April, got these last week from Julius at Style77.. I had a set of Alloy Technic Mesh on the car before but they were recently ruined by a detailer so they are off to get refinished.. I decided in the meanwhile I'll go back to the boy racer look.

These rims are very similar to the old Volk LE37t's (which I also owned in the past).. The only difference I can see are the offsets and the finish on the lip is much shinier on these than the LE37's..I just want to say the offsets are absolutely perfect for E92 M3

Volk Racing Tokyo Time Attack with older special edition centercap
19x9.5 +15et fr
19x10.5 +20et rear
I put an additional macht schnell 10mm spacer in rear because I love a more aggressive look =) there is slight rubbing however if you do this

Hankook Ventus V12 245/35 ZR19 (Front) 285/30 ZR19 (Rear)

Rear... lots of lip and concave

Volk TE37 Tokyo Time Attack Rear by leemiks, on Flickr

Rear stance with 10mm spacer

TE37 19x10.5 +20 with 10mm spacer by leemiks, on Flickr

Front.. barely clears the 380mm 6 piston brembos.. i can insert a piece of paper inbetween the caliper face and rim spoke and that's it!(!)

Volk TE37 Tokyo Time Attack Front by leemiks, on Flickr

front stance.. I'm thinking a 5mm spacer? but I don't want to have difficulties turning

TE37 19x9.5 +15 stance by leemiks, on Flickr

front.. so aggressive with the lip and the concavity

BMW E92 M3 Volk TE37 by leemiks, on Flickr

tada.. I think i need a lip.. lost my old Hamman rep lip due to a raised manhole cover

BMW E92 M3 Volk TE37 by leemiks, on Flickr