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Originally Posted by Kasé Zomé View Post
Now I get it and agree. It was a little disconcerting when I looked in the rear view mirror and see all that space behind me. I didn't have any trouble changing lanes though.

To be honest, I didn't bother to read closely all the posts in this thread.

Are you serious that the OP hasn't driven the bloody thing yet???
He's already worked out the payments, trade-in, paperwork etc.

Pretty serious activity for something you may hate after 10 minutes in the driver's seat! If you're coming from the last-gen CTS-V, you might think this newer V wagon is the best thing since sliced bread. Hell, you might think it's awesome, no matter what. However, if one really appreciates what makes an M3 an M3, I just can't imagine you'd get all that much joy out of a fast Caddy wagon.