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Originally Posted by Raptor251 View Post
I was more or less joking around but thanks for pointing this out, are you after an internet police award or something? You read way to deep into things, this is an internet forum, calm down
Don't know why you think I'm excited just because I'm calling you out. Takes a lot more than that to get me upset.

The best performance for the engine wouldnt have a torque dip.
Okie dokie. Because all engine management can adjust to a dramatic increase in VE right? No, wrong actually.

Actually this ECU is maybe the most dynamic in any street car and it can't handle it. All catless exhausts will also cause this. Catless exhausts also create the most overall power under the curve. I guess if you tool around at 2-3k, this is a big concern. Easy fix anyway for $500-1k in tuning.

I read the link, thats Sal's opinion and while he does amazing things hes just one guy with one opinion.
Ok. I guess the old saying about leading a horse to water really is true. Mathematician/tuner with actual experience designing an exhaust and calculations showing why H pipe must be in certain location is not good enough for you. Silly.