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Originally Posted by Singletrack View Post
You are not worth helping. Just proving it again.

...and I gave you the link the Evolve thread.

I'm not sensitive, I just think you have a crappy attitude - on here, and I'm sure in real life as well. From your posts about being better than people because you can work on cars, to your misinformed statements about vendors, to your insults of the community that doesn't conform to your technical standards. I didn't form this opinion overnight; you earned it.

They designed the exhaust to have the best performance for the engine, and proved it with dyno work. This is what they do for all their exhausts. They didn't tune the engine to their exhaust. They aren't a tuning company.

Sal explains that in the post I linked, but you didn't pick up on why.
I was more or less joking around but thanks for pointing this out, are you after an internet police award or something? You read way to deep into things, this is an internet forum, calm down

The best performance for the engine wouldnt have a torque dip.

I read the link, thats Sal's opinion and while he does amazing things hes just one guy with one opinion.