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SMG II as Auto, and other things....

Hi all, I was in the market for a 330i but then came across this very nice looking 2005 M3 SMG II with 101,000 miles asking £9,500

I would be grateful for any thoughts on the following:

1. the mileage - I have looked at a lot of forums and some say M3's are very expensive to maintain. Is that true relative to other high end BMWs, such as a 330i? Ie, is it going to cost me much more to maintain an E46 M3 than a E46 330i with similar miles and in similar condition? My other question on mileage is how nervous should I be about the amount of miles on this car? Is this going to be the start of a very expensive - and possibly short - relationship? Im sure there are examples of cars in great shape with more miles so really looking for a general sense among those who know these cars (you!) as to what point do the miles start to become a concern on these cars? 80k, 100k, 120k?

2. SMG II - there are loads of threads on this but I need some very specific info. I have a drivers license restricted to auto only (don’t laugh… I'm foreign and this was the only way I could convert my foreign license without doing a driving test…. Didn’t seem to matter that I had only driven manual and had owned a manual GTI for years....). Anyway, I am only allowed to drive auto in this country and combined with the facts that a) my girlfriend only drives auto and b) we live in central London so lots of stop and go traffic, this car (if I get it) is going to be driven in A2 mode (or thereabouts) for most of the time. What I am trying to understand is, how civilised is the drive in A2? There are lots of threads where people take the opportunity to say what great race drivers they are and only use manual mode etc, there are also lots of comments that its not as good, in auto mode, as a dedicated auto box. What I im finding hard to drill down on is whether tooling about london in A2 can be a smooth and pleasurable experience in these cars or is it jerky, moody and generally unpleasant - eg requiring revving to redline fro each shift? Could I take my grandmother to church in this car (if I had one) without her suffering whiplash with each gearshift? So im not interested in Auto v Manual mode (the views on that are clear) and more interested in whether this thing can operat in A2 as a quality automatic

3. any other views on this car - seems a good price even with the miles…

Really greatful for any thoughts