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Originally Posted by Raptor251 View Post
Why would I trust you? FYI I've owned the Akra evo, full Dinan system, full RPI GT system, OEM exhaust mod and now my current setup which consists of an RPI xpipe w/custom resonators paired with Fabspeed mufflers. Point being I'm going to trust myself over you any day. Do you own the full EVO system? If you did then you would have noticed the torque dip w/out a tune. The Akra isn't perfect. On a side note I will say its the best constructed exhaust on the market by far!

Anyways, I'm curious to hear thoughts as to the effects of moving an H pipe around with regards to torque. Like I stated before the car now has a very pronounced intake note and it feels like it has a little more engine braking.
Because Akra did more dyno work than any other exhaust manufacturer - guaranteed. The whole reason there is a torque dip IS because their exhaust is so efficient. So efficient that it requires tuning because the stock programming can't adapt.

Your attitude sucks, and always has really. I like that you come on here and ask for help while simultaneously insulting the community.