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Originally Posted by Projectile View Post
Thanks, Chowster.I too have the OEM CF splitters and spoiler, and I know how pricey they are, so I really don't want to damage them, but I'm prepared to be paranoid careful.

Regarding the Dinan exhaust, which one did you get, and how do you like it? How is it different from stock? Is it embarrassing to start your car at 6:30 in the neighbourhood?
I have the Dinan rear muffler section only. The catless midpipe was too much for me (not $, but smell and volume). The Dinan rear is perfect for MY exhaust mod criteria (likely a minority around here) - improved tone, ~20% more volume, Dinan warranty, wife- and kid-friendly, and no drone. I didn't want it to be over-the-top - it's my family car and daily driver.

Is it different from stock? Most definitely. Still absolutely love it one year later.

Is it loud? My wife says yes.

Have the neighbours complained? No.

Do I get stares from older neighbours? Yes.

Have the neighbours commented? Most definitely. Some time their morning routines based on my daily 7:51am departure from the cul de sac.

Is it embarrassing? Not at 7:51. I'd be much more concerned if I left at 5:30 or 6:00 every morning.

I won't comment on price - I have a feeling we share similar opinions on choosing Dinan products. Hope that helps.
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