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Bumping an old thread...

It is a fantastic old school style game that should not be missed. It plays like demons' souls if that helps you out any. There is no hand holding in this game, every mistake you make you pay for. With that said it is extremely fair minus a couple areas. You will know why you died every time.

Personally I did not find the game difficult at all, it does demand 100% focus though like any old school game would. If you know how to pay attention and strategically plan your gear for your surroundings you will do fine. If you are a modern gamer who is used to hacking a slashing their way through a game you will hate this one. You will not find a better fighting engine in a rpg. Everything has weight and everything has has a counter to balance it out. It puts all other rpg's to shame fighting wise. You do have to live this game though. This is not a 30min affair every other night type of game. If you don't have the patience for this type of thing you probably won't like it.

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