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Originally Posted by madsex343 View Post
So what exactly does this mean/prove my friend?
If I am getting it right it means that M&M probably got himself a 575 or 600kit and turned up the power using custom pulley and/or injectors and/or did his own custom tuning all these adding up to around (I gather it is an estimate) 625HP like the original ess625 puts out.. right? And he is getting slippage + I bet there are some pretty hot and humid conditions where he is running the car at the moment!!! So where is the big secret here???
Excellent job from M&M and great for him that he is in the position to improve/add his input-knowledge to the already excellent kits from ESS as this is his profession/expertise evidently, however this was not the case for me as has been said like a million times already!

Way to go M&M and I am almost certain that you can and will go below 6s together with Drew given the right opportunity and conditions!!!
Bro I'm on your side trust me lol.....I'm just relaying more info for the run for the benefit of the 60-130 list...after having a run in with a nice GTR that should run 6 flat 60-130's and trapping 135+ I completely believe your results at this point