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Originally Posted by madsex343 View Post
nooooooo... how can that be true???? No NOS, no meth, no E85, no 15psi pulley and super-secret extra special dangerous tune file, just an ESS625 kit and he pulled that time? Nahhh... I do not believe it and this is surely a con compiled by all the ESS fanboys (like the me as a "scumbag" that I am... ) to bring down all the other great kits out there and turn the tables in their favour.... xaxaxaxaxaxa

Are you sure Drew that this was not done in a Porsche turbo or a BMW 1000RR streetbike and this guy is trying to fool us all??? (the world is so full of idiots it is sad...)

Joking aside , very well done Sir, I know you can do a little better than that if wheather is a bit cooler and you can find the optimum traction!
Costas, ignore them, your Vbox time has been validated by reliable, respected, sources, it's real, excellent job brother.
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