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Bikes past and present

I'll bite ... currently riding a 2012 Ducati Diavel Carbon Red ... also attached previous bike, which was a 2006 BMW K1200R (to keep this off-topic yet BMW related!)

I don't have a name for my Diavel yet but the K1200R was affectionately called Herr Terminator. She had LASER full system, carbon fiber belly pan, side panels, rear seat cowl, front fairing, handlebar guards, and other CF bits and pieces. That thing was BAD.

The Diavel is mostly stock, except I've added a CF front sprocket cover, my only mod so far. Next is the Bursig stand for sure!

Sorry for bad quality Diavel pic - was a phone pic the day I installed sprocket cover. The K1200R pics were taken in a parking garage at a place I used to work, with a Canon Rebel XTi and 10-22mm ultra-wideangle lens.

True story: I moved to Florida and was living in a hotel for a week (already had a job lined up) while I looked for a place to live; my 2001 325Ci was in transport, so I had no car, and I had sold my bike in California. The very next day after being here, without even a place to leave the bike, I went out and got Herr Terminator - couldn't be without a bike that long!

I had to park her in the garage of my work for a week!

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