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Originally Posted by elm3 View Post
Yes, this is normal. Our cars don't have the MAF sensor. So it starts out rich, to warm up the cats. Then it will smooth out. Let me know if you still need help on your O2 sensors.

Ok cool. I did read that other places as well. I dont' mind, always sounds more agressive like my drift car tune .

I got the O2 done fairly easily but the code came back so I'm waiting on my code reader to get in in the mail. I'll post back up as soon as I get that and pull the codes again.

I had the codes reset JUST before I replaced the O2. I drove it home from the auto store after resetting it and replaced the O2. The code came back days later. Is there any way resetting it before replacing the O2 could cause the code to come back days later? Or is there likely simply another code (or the same code)?