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Originally Posted by richardbb85 View Post
this is driving me nuts

got the new PSS on my car for about a month or so, the tires just don't feel right....the ps2 were great, so i expected this to be better overall...

F 255/35/18, R 275/35/18 does this size look okay?

Funny, but I had a similar experience (though not directly comparable).

I was very happy with the stock PS2s that came with the car. 18 months down the road the PS2s were worn and I had to get new tyres.

I was convinced by my local tyre dealer to switch to the Conti SC. From what I have read in this forum, the Contis are also extremely good tyres and a close competitor to the PS2s. I had no reason to suspect otherwise.

Putting the Contis on and driving off the dealer something didn't feel right. I went to the highway at over 50mph, and then it was one of the worst experiences I ever had when trying new tyres. I could not believe how lousy the tail felt, and how slopy & inaccurate the overall handling was (esp. the back). I would turn the wheel and it felt like the back followed after half a second or so. HORIBLE. I started a thread on this forum asking for help, I went to Conti Greece asking to check what was going on, thorough tests on suspension, alignment (in 2 different shops, incl. the dealership), wheels etc etc.

Of course I knew the tyres had to run in for at least 100 miles, so at the begining I took some comfort that handling would imrove. On the other hand I still wasn't convinced, as I remembered that the OEM PS2s which also needed run in at the beginnig did not feel as sloppy as this.

To cut the long story short: The Contis improved in performance VERY slowly over time, but even today after 15k miles (or so) I am not as happy as I was with the PS2s day 1. So if you ask me what went wrong, I still don't know. Maybe the tyres were somewhow defective out of the box, maybe they were not perfectly matched to the M3, maybe they just didn't feel right or felt "different" for my taste. Public opinion remains that the Contis are an excellent tyre for the M3, yet I would never get Contis on my M3 again nomatter what.

My next tyre will be the PSS. It is an excellent sucessor of the PS2 from what I read, so I am getting those after the summer.

I hope I won't end up in another nasty surprise....