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Originally Posted by StretchNpoke View Post
OKC just simply made most of their contested jumpers all night, sooner or later the % will work themselves out. 4 TO's? they lead the league in TO's just over 16 a game. They just cant play this way thru the whole series. Not saying lakers will beat them but it should be lil more competitive than this, almost just unbearable to watch at this rate.

I would cut off the lanes and double kd/harden/westbrook and let ibaka/perkin shot the 12 footers all night long. miss or make they will be down 1 big man rebounder.
yup, if OKC's jumpers aren't falling they are in trouble. Lakers doing a pretty good job on the defensive end so far...that being said, I think OKC still comes up with a W. No blow out tonight for sure. OKC by 7+
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