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Originally Posted by naterater View Post
The Pilot Super Sport tire manufacturing facilities do not use mold release agents and all molds are either bare or coated with an industrial coating/not lubricant. This coating reduces friction, improves wear resistance and is used for non-stick applications. An example would be non-stick cookware (like DuPont's trademarked Teflon). All of the Pilot Super Sport molds (both in EU and the US) have these coated molds.

The PSS's have been shown to have better handling, braking, and wet performance than the PS2. They are a summer tires, has it been colder than normal in your area since you got them? Where your PS2's run-flats?
Past two months, 70 to 80's degrees. I didn't know PS2 come in runflats?! My PS2 were original equipment and are not runflats. In any regards, performance wise, PSS skips and wiggles under spirited high speed turns where the PS2s were very planted in the same corners and roads the I travel on for the three years I've owned my car.
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