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Originally Posted by TravyTrav View Post
Hey guys, I just got a new job that pays very good and now I can finally THINK about buying an used M3 by July/August.

What I wanna know is whats the cutoff point for warranties? :
1.Would I be able to add an extended warranty only on an 09/10 or could I add it to an 08?

2.And can it only be added if the manufacturing warranty is still on it?

3.Does the mileage play any part in the extended warranty being added?
I believe you can add warranty (CPO) to your car if it's still under factory warranty (4 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first).

Depends on when the car was produced and sold. My factory warranty didn't start until 3/2009 (2008 model). I still have factory warranty until March of 2013. Until then, I have to see if it's worth it getting CPO.

You can alway go the aftermarket warranty route. Not sure if the car still has to be under factory on this.