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Originally Posted by Gamoto View Post
I just posted an article that I feel very accurately concludes how the left is trying to distract america from the real issues and america is not buying it.
No, you just created a slanderous thread to repost someone else's right-wing opinion piece. You don't think I can post 100 new threads from dozens of sites that basically support the opposite opinion?

The repub candidates spent a year parading around the country talking about christianity, outlawing abortion and birth control and same-sex marriage, going into Iran, colonizing the moon, building border fences, arresting those who look Mexican, reversing healthcare reform, and on and on. And now you need to post someone else's declaration that the American people are so stupid, they don't understand that a president can do or speak about more than one thing.

How are people like you not hiding in a hole after that pathetically embarrassing primary, where the only electable candidate was so unpopular that every candidate other than him was a frontrunner for a month at a time? The tea party was such a failure it nearly destroyed the GOP. What a waste of time they spent with Palin, and Bachmann, and Trump, and Perry, and Cain, and Gingrich, and Santorum. What a bunch of fools wasting the American taxpayer's time and money.

Are you so opposed to gay people having equal rights that you need to start a thread just to complain about the president's comments? Why don't you stop hiding behind these right-wing bloggers and speak for yourself?