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Originally Posted by cwidjojo View Post
how much are these events usually? particularly the june 30th one, because im highly interested!

GASOLINE: Make sure you show up with enough gas to run your first session at least, if not the whole day. There are pumps at the track that USUALLY work (but there’s no guarantee). If your car cannot run without high-octane race fuel, please bring your own as we will not give refunds or credits if the pumps at the track do not work (this has happened twice)
there is a chance that the gas pumps there dont work?

WARNING: The SOUND LIMIT for this track is 92db and it is strictly enforced at MAZDA Raceway Laguna Seca. Most modified cars (exhaust, intake) do NOT make sound. Making the sound limit is not a problem for most unmodified cars - most cars in stock condition pass sound. HOWEVER, a number of cars do NOT make sound even in stock condition. These tend to be cars making 400+ horsepower such as, but not limited to, the Ferrari F430 and F458, Lamborghinis, the 997GT3, the Corvette ZR-1, and some Vipers. In addition, some 300+hp cars, such as the Cayman S (and probably the Cayman R) do not make sound. Please call to discuss if you have a question about your car. We will not give refunds or credits for future events for drivers/cars that do not make sound. If your car is modified and/or is louder than stock, or your car is a high performance vehicle for which you do not have reliable confirmation of its sound level at MAZDA Raceway, please contact us to discuss the sound requirements before signing up.
the sound limit is ridiculously low for a race track
Even with a full tank of gas in the morning you'll end up having to fill up again sometime in the afternoon with the M3 unless you skip a few sessions. You can almost watch the needle drop as you are going down the main straights. I've always been able to fill up at the track, but it is expensive and there have been occasions where it took like 20 minutes to fill the tank because it was pumping so slow. I always make sure I fill up right before I get to the track.

I can say my car with the akrapovic evo passes the sound test on a clear day. On a cloudy day the akra evo's have been known to pass 92db and get you the the mechanical flag. On those days I just shift into a lower gear around the sound check booth.
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