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This is the Warranty info:

If you wanted to cover the technology items, the quotes I got were about $7000 for the BMW Platinum coverage. I may actually go with Hendrick Autoguard which will cover the car bumper to bumper for about $3500. I have that on my wife's Lexus. Charging $7000 just because it comes straight from BMW is mad. The Hendrick Autoguard allows you to go to Independent BMW repair as well as dealerships, so you're not completely screwed if there's no dealership nearby. Just something to consider. I don't have actual pricing for extended warranty because I havent bought one yet, and may not opt to. I know BMW Platinum for an M car is about $7000+ (covers technology). These are MSRP and should be somewhat negotiable. Check with your insurance companies because a lot of them sell an extended warranty product as well. Look for Exclusion policies ("covers everything except these") versus Inclusion policies ("covers only this this and this").

PM me for what I paid for the Extended Maintenance 6yr/100k. It was hundreds below MSRP.

This is the Maintenance Upgrade from BMW:

Retail most dealerships: $3995
MSRP : $3295

You can also contact Daniel: