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Originally Posted by MaximusJ View Post
Totally. That would look awesome in my new (naked) office.

I will snap a picture I have in mind and send it to you.

France gave us a biiiig fountain for our city's 400th anniversary and I always wanted to snap a pic of my car at night time right next to it (even if the cops are watching it 24/7 and are pretty anal about it). The thing is like 20-30 foot high and im pretty sure we could fit two cars like mine inside the fountain.

I will make sure to take that pic shortly. Is nighttime ok with you or you need more clarity? I could take one in daylight and one at night but im gonna need friends to make a diversion while I do so ( just so I dont get yelled at ahah. I dont think they'll arrest me for that). Just tell me what is easier and also what would come out the nicer.

Let me know which one works best for you and i'll make it happen this weekend. If you dont hear back from me, that means that that shooting probably went sour. Ahah

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