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factory car alarm

I currently own a 06 M3, bought the car a year and a hlf ago. wondering if anyone has aslo had this proiblem? I was sitting at home about a week ago it was a nice warm day out and had noticed that the car alarm was going off on my car. So having once had a car stollen i ran out 9 iron in hand to see what the heck was going on. Suprisingly no one was out there and the alarm just a givin her!! Grabed the keys unlocked the car locked it again and went back inside to enjoy a showing of Top Gear. Well it wasn't even 10 min later and the same thing again. after the fourth time going out side to see and resetting the alarm i had enough, decided maybe the heat had soething to do with it. Cracked the windows a bit and low and behold quiet for the rest of the day. Today same thing all over again. This is now not only annoying but i am now resetting every thing from the comfort of my couch!! GRRRRRRRRR!!!! Some one please help!!