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Originally Posted by Gearhead999s View Post
I know at Mosport I have to short shift to not run over the 4 cylinder ones going up the 3/4 mile straight but once we get to corner 8 which is about a 100 mph entry in our cars they are almost flat on entry and run laps 7-9 seconds quicker than we do.I do not really like running with them in the same group as I am always afraid of getting into one if one of us makes a mistake as they are hard to see.
Occasionally a student would point one by to pass coming out of a corner, then proceed to be confused why it doesn't pull away. I use that time to remind them to not follow the car and drive their own lap. Too many times lightweight race cars suck street cars into a corner. They're really challenging to follow and disrupt the normal acceleration and deceleration of street cars.

I'm sure in capable hands they would just disappear, but when they're's tricky to be around them.