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Originally Posted by Porschefile View Post
I dunno how this is evidence that the IS-F can hang with cars in its class since the GT3 is way faster on track and out of its class and there was no M3 for comparison.

This what I was referring to when I said ISF can Hang with cars in its class at no point did I or OP lay claim that ISF is faster then GT3,M3, etc The OP stated he ran his GT3 in 2:00 albeit in less than idea weather condition and his ISF in 2:04 like he stated +/- .02 so let call it 2:06 I don't know about you but any car that is running that close in time to me is car that can keep up with pack. I say not bad for a 4 door (Toyota) I mean Lexus sport sedan that weights 700lbs more.

CONCLUSION - I had no idea how quick I was in the Lexus. I just had a good time and trying to get one clean lap for you guys. I now have looked at the video and I'm seriously shocked. I am running ~2:04 lap at the Ridge (approximation from GoPro video time) and with that same comparison, I am at ~2:00 lap with the GT3. I never got any clean laps with the GT3 this weekend, so can't compare same conditions (it was slightly wet my first day out with the GT3). There's probably a +/- 2 seconds to these times as they are raw estimates with GoPro footage.