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Originally Posted by Sal@Evolve
It's called - sucked air temperature bank 1 and 2.
I think you mean "Induced air temperature bank 1" and bank 2. That's the same one PG used on Drew's last dyno session. Just wanted to make sure we were on the same page.

BTW, bank-1 and bank-2 are the same thing. The values in bank-2 are the same as bank-1.

PG's BT Tool config file can be downloaded here:

The config file will data log the following items:
* Engine speed
* Induced air temperature bank 1
* Throttle valve actual value bank 1
* Actual gear
* Ambient temperature
* Lambda actual value before catalytic converter bank 1
* Lambda actual value before catalytic converter bank 2
* Angle of ignition cyl 1

The config file above was originally given to PG by Bren @ Bren Tuning. PG added the IAT logging.