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Last year I took some time off and instructed for the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi as a professional instructor (paid for... it was fun and got a chance to instruct some celebrities as well). One of the commercial line of cars was the Radical (which they called the SST or SuperSport).

Our job was to give hot laps to paid passengers but mostly instruct (majority of the drivers were green as in zero track experience). The car is very easy on the consumables (if memory serves me right, has AP brakes and the discs and pads would last a long time).

We'd run full slicks. The transmission was stout (flat upshifts, clutched downshifts) and the motor would go on and on.

There were a few times where the motor/tranny blew but it was through money shifts (crash and driver error would be picked up by the Govt of Abu Dhabi as it was their facility... imagine but thats another story).

We did have a few failed drive shafts. Apart from that, the bearings on the car required annual replacement and the mechanics would tighten/check bolts here and there mostly preventative. Cars are fairly reliable if driven properly.

The only issue we would have is the front splitter would crack here and there. The car is very low and you have to budget for this. Go over the pylon and you can damage it (its inevitable).

After driving the Radicals, jumping into an Aston Martin GT4 (Nurburgring 24 Hour spec race car, one of the commercial cars) which was no slog, would feel like a BOAT. Radical has been the most satisfying 'real' race car I have driven to date. You wont be disappointed.

Resale value holds as they are desirable and FIA spec so ready to race all over, so you are not resticted to just the US market. Hope this helps.