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Tracking ISF and GT3 pics and video

This is from another forum and though some of you would find this intresting the OP owns ISF and 2010 997.2 GT3 he took them both to track and this what occured it shows that ISF is indeed decent track car and can hang with cars in its class.

Took the ISF out to the track for the first time ever. Have had only one past day at the Ridge Motorsports Park with the GT3. Here are some pictures from this past Friday with the ISF & GT3.

So, I've have been unhappy with the ISF's lack of traction until I changed from MPS1's to MPSS. The car transformed. I had enough confidence to drive the car more than 7/10ths now.

Was not sure what to expect (cautiously optimistic), but this car blew me away looking back at video and my memories with it. I took it out for my first session of the day for 45min of track time.

ACCELERATION - ISF > GT3 out of low speed turns. The torque on the ISF was a huge difference. This track rewards high torque cars with corners 4/5, 8a/b, 11 & 15. GTR's, GT2's, Vipers and Vettes make way on my GT3 on each of these corners. 317 lbs/ft of torque for the 2010 GT3 (pitiful in comparison). Power came on both cars very predictably and linear. I thought I got over forced induction cars, but with this RMSP track - I'm tempted with the power advantage.

SPEED - I ended up at 220km/hr prior to braking into turn 1. My GT3 ended up around 238km/hr. On my last track day, I hit 245km/hr pushing to catch the GT2. GT2 told me he hit over 270km/hr (?!).

HANDLING - ISF had more body roll (duh). However, nowhere close to what I would have expected. With the MPSS, the car was confidence inspiring. No real comparison. Transitions from L to R load or vice versa obviously was distant to the GT3.

TIRES - for dry grip, I don't have an apples to apples comparison. However, it is obvious to me that the MPSS on the ISF communicated noticeably better nearing its grip limit (you can hear them! Reminded me of the MXX3's back in the day) versus the RE11's on my GT3. I would replace the RE11's with MPSS next. MPSS put the power down to the ISF impeccably. Seriously shocked.

BRAKES - I am on race pads (Pagid Yellow SR29s) on the GT3. The brakes are perfect on the car and I gain in braking zones with the best of them. Great feel, consistency, no fade, predictable. I was expecting the ISF to have mushy brakes after 3-5laps,... NOPE, that didn't happen. They were consistent and predictable. VERY impressed.

RELIABILITY - nothing felt shaky on the ISF, no overheating of any fluids, felt bulletproof like my GT3. Very impressed.

FUN FACTOR - I would take my ISF out to terrorize people. Everyone I passed felt pretty embarrassed. You guys would have loved the comments from everyone after the first session. "So, that's a Lexus?!"; "What is that car? It's really quick?"; "You must be on R-compounds, modded, etc..." It was pretty funny.

CONCLUSION - I had no idea how quick I was in the Lexus. I just had a good time and trying to get one clean lap for you guys. I now have looked at the video and I'm seriously shocked. I am running ~2:04 lap at the Ridge (approximation from GoPro video time) and with that same comparison, I am at ~2:00 lap with the GT3. I never got any clean laps with the GT3 this weekend, so can't compare same conditions (it was slightly wet my first day out with the GT3). There's probably a +/- 2 seconds to these times as they are raw estimates with GoPro footage.

Video of my quickest clean lap with the car:

Video playing with Lotus Elise, 997.1 GT3, modded Mustang

One video for CL members - passing cars with ISF (never gets boring!)

Let me know what else you guys want to know. I'll add to this post if you guys give me key words. Thanks for getting me to get this out on the track. I think I am faster in the ISF than some friends in their GT3 RS'. I'll go out to try and see if I am right next time.