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Originally Posted by cole328 View Post
Have two young kids,and even though not frequent, I do need the abillity to put 1-2 in the back seats. Considering the new 911 cabriolet, but already had a 997S, and the car was just too small for me. Budgetwise, hoping to stay under $150K
My thoughts:

While one may be able to afford anything, it is still no reason to piss money away. As such, absolute cost isn't so much the issue as is value. Bang for the buck. Now, admittedly, in the high end market, you get diminishing returns, but value still plays a part. With that in mind, I have a bit of a different idea for you:

Go look at the Cayenne Turbo. You can get it LOADED and fully customized for your $150k price point. It will blow the doors of most anything in straight line, and is easily tunable for big power since it is a factory turbo.

You may not have been looking at an SUV, but the Cayenne is just so good. It will actually match the track time of a 911 4S. It also offers pretty much everything the Panamera does, and gives more utility for about $20k less. Hence the point about value, even in the high end market. I am on my second Cayenne and I love it. Another benefit of having a daily driver vehicle that is raised up a bit, is that it doesn't get destroyed by road grime and/or debris.
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