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Originally Posted by kffighter View Post
I have a convertible as my daily driver so my opinion is based upon comparing the convertible to a 911. If this is just a weekend car, I'd go for the 911. I've had a 997S and a 997 turbo and currently have 997.2 GT3. I'd take any of them over the M3 convertible if just a weekend car. As a daily driver, any M3 really hard to beat. It is just so utilitarian compared to a 911. However, if push came to shove and I could only have 1 car, i'd still go with any 911 over my M3 convertible. To me, its a different animal. Just more raw, engaged and entertaining. But I'm very fortunate to have both and thank God and my wife every day.

If it was my only car or DD, I truly think the M3 is the best out there. I just recently sold mine to pick up a 997 Turbo however. I was driving the M3 as my DD....I do not drive the Turbo as my DD.

I've also owned a 997S. I think it is a better car from a "sportscar/weekend" car standpoint. From a performance standpoint, I think the 997.1 and E92M3 are very comparable. Looks wise, Porsche 997 wins. I just would never own an M3 to use a weekend car. Not saying I am right or wrong....just my opinion.