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Drives: 2008 e90 m3
Join Date: Jan 2012
Location: usa

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Username: robbiedawg
Region: southeast
Dealership Name: performance bmw ,chapel hill,nc
Sales or Service: service
Name of Salesperson/Advisor: ashley walker
Overall Experience (1 lowest 5 highest): 5
Work Performed/Attempted: muffler,mirror,new transmission on warranty
Recommended? (Yes or No): yes
Additional Comments- i went there initially to look for used 3's.i had some mechanical questions,and the salesman brought out a mechanic for me to talk to.he was a sharp guy,really into the cars,and we hit it off.when i found my m3 from a private party,i took it to him for a ppi.he noticed a broken trim piece.the car also had a muffler delete,so i took it in after i bought it for the trim piece and muffler.they installed a muffler i bought used from a tuner shop,which i appreciated.i mentioned almost as an afterthought that the 1-2 shift was a bit rough.he told me he thought i needed a new trans,got it quickly approved and shipped in,and installed the next week while they gave me a nice 335 loaner.they didn't charge me to install the muffler bc of the trans being replaced.i especially appreciated them stepping up on this large item bc i'm 6 months away from the end of warranty.