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Originally Posted by Gearhead999s View Post
New generation Hayabusa"s stock are 1340 cc's so the 1500's that are being used a lot would be a lot more expensive to rebuild.The 1000cc GSXR powered ones are pretty slow in a straight line even compared to our M3's.Remember these cars have a lot of downforce so they need horsepower on a faster track to be WAY too much fun!
Well technically a hayabusa is a GSXR unless they dropped that nomenclature recently (GSX-R 1300). But thanks, I didn't know that the motors were bored/stroked to 1500 I thought they were the stock 1300 ish cc's. Those motors make about 200hp stock @ 13k rpm, figured it would be fine for a little lightweight radical. Even still I'd be shocked if it was $10k for a rebuild of a bike based motor. You could always stick a stock busa motor in there with a low boost turbo for 300hp.