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Originally Posted by jml View Post
I know couple guys in texas who have Sr3s, one used to race it in NASA. They seemed very reliable, but make no mistake, the parts and maintenance are extremely expensive. A motor freshening is over 10K.

The only downer I see with a Radical is that they are SOOOO fast on a track that a DE is no longer all that fun with the traffic. An SR3 is good for a mid 1:40 at TWS, which is blistering compared to your average fast car - mid 1:50s.
Are you sure the 10K motor "refreshening" is for the SR3 and not the SR8?? The 2.8L V8 is an expensive engine, but the 4cyl. should not be that bad.

Anyway, will try one in June and see. (at least the driving experience)