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Originally Posted by scollins View Post
Not always about which bike is faster. I'd take the Duc over the BMW. Funny how "faster" in "street"/"dyno"/magazine tests isn't really translating into "faster" in WSBK though. Last year Checa was pounding the competition with his 1098R, while BMW barely had 3 podiums (all 3rd place.) BMW is certainly looking better this year, but the "old" 1098R is still leading the pack with podiums and wins....

Plus, MCN is the Car&Driver of Motorcycle reviewers, they always pick the BMW.

My plan is to pick up a 2013 1199S/Tricolore in 2015, figure I'll be able to get it for half price and all the "Mk 1 Mod 0" gremlins will be gone. Much like how I bought my 2008 1098S...
WSBK rules have always favored twins, and always will. But, we're comparing stock to stock here.

Yes, speed is not everything. Ducs look sexier, and feel special. Not arguing that.