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Originally Posted by albert1028 View Post
Thanks everyone, especially to Kmarei for his images.

For everyone thinking of doing it, it was very quick if you do it through USB. I couldn't find my large Flash drives, so I just used my SD/CF card reader and copied each of the iso contents it to 1xSD and 2xCF cards, all formatted FAT32. It took a little under an hour and was quick and easy and painless. I used the glove compartment USB port.

Maybe someone can experiment, by coping all the contents of the pkgdb in each ISO to one massive pkgdb folder, since the config.nfm files are identical in each ISO.
When I started to look for a way to upload my maps a few weeks back, I called my BMW parts guy. He said that they pulled all of the DVD's out of stock and now he just has a part number that you have to buy.

The part number buys you service hrs to bring your car in and have the techs plug-in a flash drive or (MEMORY STICK as he called it) to your glove compartment USB and load up the maps same as you did.

What a screwed up racket BMW is. BMW caught wind that the FSC codes are avaliable to be purchased so they eliminated the only other piece of the puzzle, the actual software DVD's.

Next year we need to get our hands on the actual files that ONLY BMW will have. This just presents yet another obstical that we all need to overcome.