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Drives: 2012 M3 Cabriolet
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Username: VMcV3y
Region: Dallas, Texas, USA
Dealership Name: BMW of Dallas @ 6200 Lemmon Avenue, Dallas, TX
Sales or Service: Service, mostly
Name of Salesperson/Advisor: unk/several
Overall Experience (1 lowest 5 highest): 5
Work Performed/Attempted: I live in Houston, but was in Dallas visiting relatives on the 30th of April 2012. The +1 quart oil light on my M3 came on (about 5,000 miles on it), so I used the ConnectedDrive to find a BMW dealership, and my Dad and I drove over to BMW of Dallas.

There were quite a few vehicles in-line at the service bay, so instead I decided to just park near the service bay and walk inside to Sales and buy a quart/litre of the mystical M3 oil. The counter-person was helpful and quick and friendly ($15.00 !). Anyhow, we walked outside, popped the hood, and I reached fromk the front of the M3 to unscrew the oil cap. My Dad, ever the helpful guy, wanted to assist and said he'd take the cap. I declined, but he wanted to help, so he reached for it. I said, "You got it?" "Yes." I let go, and he dropped it. The cap fell between a hose and what was probably part of the exhaust manifold. I said, "Let me grab it, I can see it." But he wanted to rectify it, so he reached in and tapped it with his fingers -- and it disappeared. But it did not fall out to the concrete. With an iPhone light, and probing fingers, I was unable to find the oil cap. After about five minutes of this, I walked into the service bay and one of the guys came up and asked if I needed help (he was polite and friendly). I told my story, and he sent me inside to ask the Sales counter guy to get a manager to assist. I went inside and told the same salesman what happened. He asked a woman at the counter to call the service manager. And after a couple of minutes, one of the lead guys arrived with a flashlight. I told him what happened, and so he went outside and tried to find the cap. Again, a nice, helpful person. He didn't find it, so went back to get another person to assist. The second guy was also nice about this. They both searched for a few minutes to no avail. Finally, they agreed that it would need to be up in the air to find it...and felt the risk of it falling into something critical was small. The first guy drove it around to the repair bay. I followed it to see if the cap would fall out -- it did not. After about fifteen minutes of searching, they found it, wedged in a spot near a strutt. He brought the car back to me and said that it would have never been found if the car wasn't lifted off the ground! (Apparently there is a black-hole living on the passenger side of my engine compartment, hahaha).

The entire experience took almost 40 minutes from drop-to-recovery of the cap. (how silly is that???)

When I walked in to tell a couple of people "thank you" they actually intercepted me first and asked if everything was okay.

All-in-all, I probably talked to six of their people, and each person was friendly, professional, and helpful. Quite impressive for an ad-hoc, weird situation! They didn't bother with a ticket, and just got this done, without administrative paperwork, etc. Nice!

Recommended? (Yes or No): Yes.
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2012 ///M3 Cabriolet; Le Mans Blue Metallic.

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