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Originally Posted by kwike92 View Post
It's hard to say what could of really happened... I worked As a tech for ford and the only time I have EVER seen a drain plug or oil pan thread strip, was when the tech was not paying attention and cross threaded it, or over tightened. The worst and most stupid thing I have ever seen was a "tech" putting a 3/8 air ratchet on the drain plug to tighten it... Obviously the this stripped the pan... Anyway, I don't think it's common for these things to happen I just think it was lack of experience on the techs behalf or lack of attention while changing the oil...

Just my $.02

I am not sure how it is in the US but up here in Canada you have to do an apprenticeship and get a licence from the Government to be a Mechanic, I had to go to school four times for two months each session, and put in four years on the job to get my licence as a mechanic. There should be no tech working on a car with a lack of experience. I guess one exception would be letting new apprentices perform lube services, which is quite common. Even then however, they should be under direct supervision from a journeyman at all times. Strip a plug and ruin an oil pan once and it may be no big deal, but I am sure if a tech or apprentice does this a second time he will be looking for a new job...... The oil pan lists at ~$975 dollars and the gasket is ~$40....... that is almost a weeks pay for a most techs and I don't think the dealer will foot the bill for that too many times.
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