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The base on the Torin jack stands is 7.5" point to point. The block is bolted to the saddle with an M10x1.5 bolt which is 55mm long. It come up through the bottom of the saddle which is about 35mm thick including the stem pressed into the inner post. I also have an alternative set up with a headless bolt that allows the blocks to be easily removed. The ears on the saddle keep the blocks from spinning.

Not sure what you mean by "pin on the bottle". There is a pin that locks the inner tube into one of five positions 25mm apart. Normally, you would be able to use the jack stands at the lowest two settings. I have been using the jack stands since 2007 and stability is not an issue when used in pairs.

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what is the footprint on those? i have jackstands ranging from 1.5 tons to 6 tons, and the footprint on yours looks small. without square pyramid sides, they seem unstable to me. what keeps the block in the saddle once lifted? is there a pin on the bottle like 4x4 truck lift blocks.