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***Official BimmerPost Photo Contest #55: "Rites of Spring"***

***Official BimmerPost Photo Contest #55: "Rites of Spring"***
Theme: It's springtime after a long winter. Any photo that fits the theme of spring, new growth and re-emergence (landscapes, flowers, youngsters in frolic, etc.)

Important Dates: Entries must be submitted no later than Tuesday, May 22nd at 11:59pm PST. Voting begins the following day.


1. Any interpretation of the theme that falls within rules is welcome.
2. You must be the person that took the photo. Previous photos are acceptable as long as you are the one that captured the image.
3. One submission per contest, and you cannot resubmit a photo that you've submitted before in a previous contest.
4. Images must be no larger than 1024 px in any direction. Links to larger images are allowed but you must have one that is under 1024 px for the poll.
5. All contestants must host their own pictures (which includes hosting them on Bimmerpost).
6. All images must have a title.
7. While post processing in Photoshop is allowed, adding or removing parts of the picture is not. In the event a photo is suspected to be "photo-chopped," the contestant will be asked to provide the original picture.

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