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Originally Posted by E90///M3` View Post
i see the X... i don't see the H?

it can't be in the second pic, cause the second pic only looks like a bar connecting the catalytic convertors. i thought an h-pipe actually had a hollow bar connecting the two pipes.
The H pipe is the new shiny piece welded in right before the resonators. (Those are resonators NOT cats). I bent and notched a piece of 2.5" stainless and then marked where the down pipes needed to be opened up to allow exhaust flow. I used the plasma cutter to open up the down pipes and cleaned up the opening with the air sander and a flap wheel. The piece of stainless was then fit back in and I mig welded it to match the rest of RPI's welds. Again sorry for the nasty pic. On another note I drove the car around all day and words cant describe the amazing difference in sound quality!! Oh and I also added that piece of 1/4 flat stock to the resonators to try and cut down on vibration noise and its helped! The factory clamps on the down pipes were removed from my OEM exhaust and fitted to the RPI system as their POS tabs snapped off a long time ago. Between the new tranny down pipe clamps, plate on the resonators for stiffness and the H pipe this thing sounds amazing. I think my favorite part about this car is how easy it is to work on!

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