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Originally Posted by sleepless View Post
Drive the Cayman hard enough and it will show you it's biggest weakness is the entire brake system. Not just the calipers, but the ABS system is not up to really hard driving. In my experience, only street cars costing more than $150K "might" have brake systems that are upto the task of hard track driving. Loti being the exception...

Even GTR owners complain about the brakes (especially pre-2012 owners).

Regarding "junior", he was a bit foolish to bring the car in with glowing hot brakes; that is what did all the burned damage.
No way man the biggest weakness is the suspension geometry. I don't know of the brakes failing for hard driving (shouldn't rely on the ABS anyway), but the suspension pick up points etc. are handicapped as not to one up the 911. And don't take my word for it, ask a racecar engineer or pro driver because those are the folks that told me that. I know a team that spent big bucks on remote reservoir coilovers and the whole deal and the car still didn't handle right when at the limit. I had one for 2 years and tracked it several times and it is an iffy track car bc of the suspension geometry.

But to be fair that convo should be in a diff thread, agree to disagree for this one, don't want to threadjack too bad.