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Originally Posted by Echo M3 View Post
I definitely do not expect them to let anything slide. I stated that I am fine with Mclaren and Hamilton serving a penalty. What I object to is the severity of the punishment.

You don't find this punishment harsh? Starting from 24th on the grid without any new tires? In Formula 1, penalties are usually not automatic; there is usually some discretion given to the stewards, so that they can adjudicate based on the circumstance. And in this situation, I feel they were overly harsh.

You've been around long enough to know that I am not a Lewis Hamilton fan, and will criticize him when he deserves it. But this is not one of those moments, IMO.
ha ha ok ok i'll admit P24 is super harsh. in my eyes HAM has made a conscious effort to race better this year than he did last year and this is just a series of bad luck coming from his team that are affecting his chances to the world championship. that being said, this remains a team sport and the punishment isn't because he is black or because its ALO's home race as a lot of HAM fans seem to be saying it is. FIA didn't hand down this penalty because of any of that. And this might be his first official infraction of the rule as pointed earlier when the rule didnt exist last year, but maybe stewards are trying to send out a message here...
in any event, waking up early here on the west coast will be super exciting looking fwd to watching this race unfold!