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Originally Posted by johanness View Post
That sure sounds like a fan-boy comment. Rules are rules. McLaren trying to say it was force majeure is total weak-sauce. Who knows? Maybe if they had budgeted enough fuel he wouldn't have sat on pole? It's clear he doesn't manage his tires well under load.

I still blame Pirelli for this crap qualifying round. Watching 3 drivers not put any effort into Q3 because they want to save their finicky princess tires? Garbage.

As I said above, if you go back to some of the previous race threads, you will realize pretty quickly that I am not a Hamilton "fan boy". Quite the opposite. I just think that his penalty is excessive, considering it is the first time that they have broken this rule, and that he did not gain anything (he would have been on pole, regardless of his fuel level). A 10-place grid penalty is given for an engine change, but a 24-place penalty is given for being short 1 L of petrol in Q3? Sounds harsh to me.