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Originally Posted by EINSER M View Post
not trying to antagonize you here buddy but you surely don't expect stewards to reward mclaren by letting them slide with a low fuel violation do you? what force majeure was there in this case? oh someone didnt fuel the car enough is force majeure?
I definitely do not expect them to let anything slide. I stated that I am fine with Mclaren and Hamilton serving a penalty. What I object to is the severity of the punishment.

You don't find this punishment harsh? Starting from 24th on the grid without any new tires? In Formula 1, penalties are usually not automatic; there is usually some discretion given to the stewards, so that they can adjudicate based on the circumstance. And in this situation, I feel they were overly harsh.

You've been around long enough to know that I am not a Lewis Hamilton fan, and will criticize him when he deserves it. But this is not one of those moments, IMO.